Cost of Ownership

Lower Operating Costs. Increased Profitability.

Mitsubishi Electric is dedicated to providing reliable, efficient automation solutions that lower total cost of ownership (TCO).

Time has value. So uptime is our focus. Mitsubishi Electric CNCs, PLCs, drive units and motors all run on our high-speed fiber-optic networks. The family of CNCs give you the right amount of control for your fast and complex machining needs. Whichever you select – the iQ Platform-compatible CNC C70 Series, the global standard M70V Series, or the high-grade M700V Series – you can be confident our software and hardware lead to increased throughput and reduced cycle times.

To further keep TCO as low as possible, we offer our distinctive “No End-of-Life” policy. Because we focus on uptime all the time, we minimize your overall ownership costs.

Our CNCs utilize low-loss spindle motors, servo motors and drive units for greater energy savings. The MDS-D/DH and MDS-DM Series drive units have a power regeneration system, allowing energy produced during deceleration to be used efficiently as a power source.

We've enhanced the diagnostic functions in our motors for early identification of failure causes. Because we reduce failure rates, you reduce downtime. And since we utilize common parts for the main base, power supply and extension base, you can reduce maintenance costs through efficient, simple parts replacement.