Operating Efficiency

Your Efficiency Minded Partner.

Mitsubishi Electric CNCs ensure high-quality machining with balanced accuracy and speed. We provide the advanced technologies that keep you competitive. The iQ Platform-compatible C70 Series, the global standard M70V Series, and the high-grade M700V Series are all designed to improve throughput, decrease machining times and accelerate delivery times.

Mitsubishi Electric's CNCs have functions that avoid unnecessary deceleration. Super Smooth Surface (SSS) Control delivers high stability and quality without sacrificing cutting shape or speed. And this superior control reduces machining time by 5% to 30%.

Enhanced hardware also contributes to greater efficiency. The servo & spindle drives (MDS-D-SVJ3/SPJ3 Series) are built with high-efficiency fins and low-loss power modules, allowing for unit downsizing. Along with the reduction in control panel size, you gain a better drive system.

Mitsubishi Electric promotes devices to reduce power loss. Our servo & spindle drives also have power regeneration systems, which allow energy generated during the motor deceleration to be used efficiently as an alternate power supply.