Overall Equipment Effectiveness

Increased Uptime.

Unexpected breakdowns can bring down the best manufacturing plants. That's why Mitsubishi Electric has a family of CNC products designed to improve cycle time and keep you operating as scheduled. Look to us for machining reliability.

We reduce failure rates simply by eliminating the causes. As a result, the iQ Platform-compatible C70 Series is now fanless. Radiator fins execute the cooling. Without fans, you do away with fan-related troubles, primarily electric circuit failures.

The MDS-D drive units have high-efficiency spindle control. Its spindle is in constant position loop control. And, it's equipped with the fastest high-response current control and lost-motion compensation. This is why our spindle reduces machining time, suppresses machine vibration, and improves machining accuracy.

We've enhanced diagnostics so you can see the causes of failure before they become issues, and so you can make smarter decisions about your plant. Because real-time operation data is always stored, you have all the relevant data - CNC alarms, key inputs and CNC I/O signal changes - when you need it. And, all information is backed up even during shutdowns. When you can diagnose problems earlier, you ensure your machines run effectively.