Greater Speed. Greater Output.

Mitsubishi Electric has the sophisticated technologies that give you advanced machine control. Our CNC product line gives you the highest speeds and highest accuracy to bolster your productivity.

Mitsubishi Electric's OMR-DD control is a high-speed, error-compensating function used for controlling the spindle and servo. This innovative control enhances machining performance by combining highly responsive current control and high-accuracy motors.

We've also reduced drive currents by downsizing motors while increasing torque. The HF/HP servo motors bring together optimized magnetic circuits, maximized torque control and high-speed rotors. This means higher speeds and higher torque for higher productivity.

The SJ-VL Series is our leading line of low-inertia, high-speed spindle motors. The low inertia reduces acceleration/deceleration time, resulting in higher productivity. And when paired with our multi-hybrid MDS-DM-SPV Series drive unit, they utilize less energy.