Just What You Need.

Operators share the same need for improved throughput, shorter machining time and reduced costs. Mitsubishi Electric designs automation systems that cater to these needs. However, we also know each operator is unique. That's why our automation systems can be customized to your specific needs.

We've designed advanced HMIs that let you visualize the machining process of the metals you shape. The iQ Platform-compatible C70 Series CNC features the Mitsubishi Graphic Operator Terminal (GOT1000 Series). You'll gain a highly customizable HMI with high performance and multiple functions.

GT Designer, a HMI screen development tool, enables custom screen development You can easily operate machines with the touch-panel screen instead of through a traditional machine operation panel.

The M700V and M70V Series CNCs feature menu customization functions. Freely arrange menu keys on the bottom of the screen and orient them so they work best for you. Then compile all your frequently used menu keys on the first page, so your most common functions are always at your fingertips.

Program functions like NAVI MILL and NAVI LATHE also allow you to customize machining programs. Machine tool builders let you customize the macro program of each process according to machine specifications and machine know-how.