Achieve Greater Precision.

Mitsubishi Electric's CNCs deliver state-of-the-art drilling and tapping functions. Easily meet your machining demands through our diverse product line of advanced technologies.

All of our CNCs offer fixed cycle control. This function lets you assign a patterned cycle for drilling, tapping and boring to get the most out of your machines.

The CNC M70V Series brings new levels of precision to manufacturing. Coupling the CNC with the MDS Series drive units lead to high-speed synchronous tapping. Together this results in innovative OMR-DD Control, which allows for flawless drilling applications. Incorporated in the spindle and servo controls are high-speed error-compensation functions. You'll radically minimize synchronization errors because the servo axis detects and compensates the spindle's delay directly on the high-speed optical network.

A low-inertia, high-speed spindle motor, the SJ-VL Series is dedicated to machines requiring faster drilling and tapping. Its low inertia shortens acceleration/deceleration times so you realize higher productivity.